Or perhaps Connection Error would be a more apt name? In terms of what I have played so far – I actually really like the game. I have found it quite easy to get into and most enjoyable when racing. The visuals are immense – but that was a given surely. In terms of the actual game, I would of really have liked to seen the dynamic weather and replays even more so.
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New PES 2014 Trailer

The new PES 2014 trailer from Konami has been released… check it out!

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Summer Gaming

It must be that time again? Another summer and another batch of football titles to consider. Consider if somewhat of a generous word for me on this topic, seeing that there is only one title of choice… It shall be interesting to see if this new, new, newer version is actually that much better!?

E3 launches next week and typically I’d be excited about the new PES launch, but with GTA V just around the corner and details on the PS4 due to be released… I’m kind of finding myself a little torn…

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F1 2010 Patch

Doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon according the the official forum… Lucky I don’t have anytime to play it then!