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Man of Steel


That pretty much sums up watching Man of Steel last night for me. Granted I was a little excited and probably enjoyed a few more cheap frills than my wife during the film – but hey… it’s Superman.

Superman for me has always been a big thing since I was kid… The original movies with Christopher Reeve, Louis & Clark with Dean Cain and I even sat through ten seasons of Smallville to finally see Tom Welling get the suit on and take to the sky (and man was that a long wait!).

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My PSU Profile

Thanks to a little some Photoshop magic from Jermaine (and only a bit I’d like to add!) and perhaps a touch of cheese…!

Raj Patel PSU Senior Developer

On the job training

Or really just a chance to test my new Android WordPress application via the Quick Photo option… Very neat if you ask me!


The Ferber Method – Night 3

Night 2 was an improvement, not great but better… 1hr 10 minutes better to be exact. Though yesterday we introduced some finger foods like these carrot stick things and toast which she loved… tried her with some lumpier food… added some natural lighting by opening the blackout blind a tad and offering her a soft toy to hold from the start… And hey presto she slept through!?

God knows if any of those things made any difference… Maybe they all did, maybe is was just coincidence… I’m pretty sure we’ll find out in the next few hours…!

The Ferber Method – Night 1

Sophia and Jasmine

Situation: My daughter is now 25 weeks old. For the past two weeks she has started waking randomly during the night after a period of sleeping through for around three weeks. Before that her waking during the night was quite regular… usually between say 2 and 4 most nights for a feed. Obviously a couple of weeks ago we thought we had cracked the whole sleeping situation… But apparently not. The last two week have been worse than ever, hysterical crying and a very difficult baby to settle.

I guess this situation caught us out of the blue and we really didn’t have a plan in place… Her routine during the day is pretty good, well we think it is. Gets up around 7… has a morning bottle followed by some porridge and then some banana. She has a morning nap and will then have a second bottle later that morning. Has lunch around 1, then a third bottle later that afternoon with her evening meal around 5. We normally then give her last bottle between 6 and 7 and then we put her down awake and 7.30… She whines a little, but she settles herself without a pacifier, just with the the mobile music in the background. So why such the big fuss at night all of a sudden?

Granted we were caught off guard, we thought everything was going well and there was no going back… Perhaps we should of had a plan in place first… Perhaps over the last two weeks we have pandered to her too much and just made a rod for our own back? But with the other one sleeping next door, you do what you can to minimise the noise and chance of both of them waking!?

Anyhow, after much debate… we’ve concluded she’s not really hungry (we think) and it is not her teeth (we think) bothering her… We need for her to learn to self settle at night also… Though when she wakes in the morning, she is usually just quite happy to lie there and talk to her self all content? Perhaps its the dark… though we tried something for that too, without any luck.

Well to cut a long story short (three hours) to be precise, we tried the Ferber method when she woke at 1am.. Modified it slightly, but in essence we stuck to a increasing time cycle of visits to sooth her. We did use the mobile, which they say not to, but she likes it… and we think it calms her… It was nearly three hours before we were back to sleep which was a bit longer than expected!?

We found having the music on at the start was good, but perhaps we should of left it off after that… then we gave her a soft toy rabbit which she then held until the morning… now this worked a charm and I think she liked the sense of holding it….

So tonight I think we’ll use the music at the start only and then bring in the rabbit to seal the deal… We shall see…

(Man do I need some decent sleep!)


Watched it for the second time last night… I admit, I was slightly
disappointed after I watched it in the cinema… though more so with the
ending I think.

However after watching it again, perhaps I was over critical. I still
think the ending was a bit rubbish but I think the film overall was
better than I gave it credit. Though watching it at home, was not as
half as spectacular as the large cinema based visuals… that is for sure.

Meet Me Halfway

I’m not usually that into the B.E.P… there okay… but I’m really like this new track. Rock.