Into the Azure (or Cloud!)

So I’ve recently started to work on a personal project. Now due to time available, motivation, PS4 etc. it is impossible to say if this project will “make it” lets say. But for now I will assume it will (Lets at least start positive!). The aim of the project is to deliver an Agile Management System – something a bit like one that starts with J and ends in A. However, this system will work exactly in the way I think it should – and why? Because I’m going to write it!
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So the new version of ASP.NET is almost amongst us with VS 2014 CTP3 being just released earlier this month. Redesigned from the ground up so they say, enabling a leaner and composable .NET stack for modern applications (they also used the word cloud – but doesn’t everyone!?).

Anyhow it is good to see they have looked to merge MVC, Web API and Web Pages into one framework and called it MVC 6 (not sure about the naming convention in terms of clarity?!). Dependency injection is built into the framework- you just need to pick an appropriate IoC (i.e. Ninject, Castle or Unity to name a few…).

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Service Desk Prototype

At the end of last week I built a service desk prototype. My mission was to rapidly deliver a web site and the framework behind it (perhaps not quite a mission – but it does sound a little more exciting!?). I started last Friday and had the perfect opportunity to make some solid progress over the weekend with my wife going out for a meal that evening and nothing on television worth engaging over Saturday/Sunday evening either. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in such development type projects when building a new and exciting idea and how you might take it forward.

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Asana – A Shared Task List

During the last month I have been questioning my teams use of JIRA Agile and if we were utilising it correctly or what was holding us back? So during this thought process I decided to look again at other options in the Agile Management tool space. In doing so I stumbled across a web and mobile application called Asana (I believe the definition of this term relates to a hatha Yoga posture… apparently!) which has been developed by two Facebook co-founders.

I’ll be honest I was immediately taken back by their promotional video – so much so, that I felt that I needed their organisational abilities in my life – this video was definitely doing a good job! Now what really attracted me about Asana was its lightweight nature, in the way it was implicitly simple and intuitive. Who doesn’t know how to create a check list!?

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Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Centre

So last weekend I was lucky enough to be given a Raspberry Pi Model B with a cool case from Pimoroni. I was asked many questions on receiving this gift… What is it? What can it do? or What are you going to do with it?

Now I knew what it was (not a part-time geek for no reason!) but at that moment I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with. So I asked my old friend Google to see what suggestions they could come up with. It didn’t take me long to come up with a winning decision! Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Centre… now that would be cool (seriously).

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Sony PlayStation 4 Announced

So in the early hours of today Sony announced firm details of the new PlayStation 4. I for one was a little disappointed with the PlayStation 3 launch… I didn’t really get the marketing campaign, I felt the console was expensive and a little underwhelmed by the release titles. Now this year both Sony and Microsoft are going head to head with new consoles, both targeting a Christmas 2013 release.

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