Or perhaps Connection Error would be a more apt name? In terms of what I have played so far – I actually really like the game. I have found it quite easy to get into and most enjoyable when racing. The visuals are immense – but that was a given surely. In terms of the actual game, I would of really have liked to seen the dynamic weather and replays even more so.

What good are stunning visuals and gorgeous sports cars if you can’t see them crash flying through the air in spectacular fashion? Well it is what I enjoy after a crazy moment/move.

I think the disappointment from losing this title on launch combined with the launch issues now is doubly annoying. It is a shame as I think the core game is great fun and very enjoyable. With the whole social element adding a solid slant on other racers. That is if it allowed me to connect consistently!! Today it connected fairly quickly – but is was very slow at pulling back data. Yesterday was out for me… and speaking to friends, they have all had mixed connection issues which is a shame.

I can only hope, they can resolve these issues ASAP – enable some of the other feature (that would be replays!) and you might just have quite a cool game… I guess only time will tell.