Into the Azure (or Cloud!)

So I’ve recently started to work on a personal project. Now due to time available, motivation, PS4 etc. it is impossible to say if this project will “make it” lets say. But for now I will assume it will (Lets at least start positive!). The aim of the project is to deliver an Agile Management System – something a bit like one that starts with J and ends in A. However, this system will work exactly in the way I think it should – and why? Because I’m going to write it!

Anyhow, recently I’ve been looking at NoSQL – MongoDB as one example… I’ve not ruled out using this kind of DB somewhere, but for now I want to stick to good old fashion SQL Server as I am a bit torn with NoSQL and I do not want to choose something because it looks cool!? Of course I do not want to tie myself down at this early stage, so we will see how the solution develops.

However, one technology I am keen to try is Azure and the various services they offer – so for now at least this will drive the development platform choices I make. Visual Studio 2014 is only at CTP and the whole vNext offering is in the horizon – but for now I will just use tools that are available and tested, so VS2013.

Hopefully over the coming weeks I can keep a development diary of my experiences – which will mostly focus on any new technologies/experiences I have in regards to this project.

Time will tell I guess!?