Navigating Agile

I always find myself challenging my own views on Agile and what is the best approach. I guess I am not convinced there is one best solution (well not that I have yet seen), but many good ideas (or aspects) on how to use Agile and some other generally really bad ideas on what not to do. For me it is all about finding the right fit and selecting those good ideas that work for your team. That fit will almost certainly depend on the team and organisation – hence very few situations/teams are identical.

Thus using Agile effectively isn’t always easy… You may receive challenges and friction from an organisation that does not understand (or care to), to resistance from your own team if the what or how you are trying to implement – if doesn’t fit with them. It is important that any adoption remains flexible as every organisation, set of team members and customers will be different. As will the varying pressures to deliver and perform that each team will encounter. Finding the right formula which will be unique to your team is the key. My own perspectives on how to implement Agile has changed and grown with each new experience and with different teams I have been a part of.

It may sound corny, but it is something that you never stop learning. I have recently written some notes which broadly fit into the following categories:

The notes are written from my own experiences and are certainly not meant to provide a prescribed set of rules! Tomorrow I will start with When to use User Stories.